SCREASY Quality Statement

The name SCREASY is a fusion of the two English words screw and easy, a name which reflects the ease with which this product is used!

SCREASY socle screws are special screws made from quality, hardened screw steel, with a fixing plug made from a high quality nylon compound which has been specially developed for the installation of skirting boards. The plug is longer than the standard products on the market. It is much easier to insert it into drilled holes as the wings are very close to the body of the plug. In soft materials, for example plaster, the wings grip the sides of the drilled hole thus preventing turning. In this way SCREASY offers optimum hold in many construction materials. The 4 colour range (nickel, brass, gunmetal, white) allows all types of wood to be assembled in an elegant way. White screws are treated with a special process which ensures high adhesion of the white coating. To allow the installation of skirting boards of different thicknesses, screws are available in lengths of 35 and 45 mm.

SCREASY socle screws are available in 32 different variants and are guaranteed to offer versatile solutions for modern architecture. Our range is supplied in coloured cardboard boxes in 2-pack units: in 5 x 100 or 500 items. In addition and as standard, each box contains a double bit (Phillips/TX-drive) and a 5mm drill bit. All products are subject to Swiss quality control.

Only genuine if you see the shark on the plug!